10 Best Methods to Get Your Content Shared More Often Through Social Media

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Posted 4 years ago

10 Best Methods to Get Your Content Shared More Often Through Social Media Social media is becoming a formidable platform for those who have content to share with audiences and users. But as everybody these days has started acknowledging the power of word-to-mouth publicity, there’s no dearth of users, business establishments and media houses which are publishing their content, and integrating their website with social media. As a result, much of the content goes unnoticed. When publishing content in a blog or website, it has remained a chief concern of publishers to see that their content gets the entire focus of the audience.

In this article we will discuss ten best ways of getting your content shared over social media.

1. Use popular blogs to your own advantage

This is often termed as the “find and pull” method and is one of the easiest ways to increase traffic to your website or blog. The more people visit your blog, the more your content gets shared. First, find a popular website or blog to start with.  You can use a Google service known as Google Alerts. This service will send you an email as soon as any new content gets published in a popular blog or site you were keeping track of. You can then visit the blog and simply write a comment on the post. Put a link to your post with similar content after your comment. This way, the users will be directed to your blog, while you get the traffic back to your blog. This way also increases chances of getting your content shared.

2. Make your website and blog look impressive

When you run a business, the first impression counts a lot. Usually, it is said that the first impression is made from the look or display of the website, or blog. If your website looks clumsy, or your blog is filled with buttons from the dinosaur era, visitors may not warm up to your content no matter how good it is. Work on your display image, make it look good, and adhere to correct image sizing. Don’t use out of focus and too small an image, as that is your identity online. Use a cheatsheet with dimensions for image sizes on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Use multiple social share buttons so that your visitors have the freedom to choose where they want to share their content. Finally, when you organize an event, give a clear description and all the information related to the event on your website. Presentations can steal the show, so be accurate while presenting your idea or image to visitors and prospective customers.

3. Use communities like Viral Content Buzz and bloggers.com

In Viral Content Buzz you are asked to share other’s contents which help you earn points. After which these points can be used to get other people to share your content. If a particular content finds favor among fellow content sharers or community members, such content can get shared over social media sites as well. It’s easy, simple, and a great way of getting exposure for your content. Similarly, bloggers.com is a community where you get niche content writers posting their work and noticing each others content. This community is a great platform for those who want to get their work noticed. As your work gains popularity your blog also starts getting more traffic.

4. Deploy techniques which give you higher ranking in search engines

Use tools like Google’s Keyword Tool to learn the right industry words that are associated with your business, because SEO and keywords are still popular options to make you visible in search. By using critical keywords in social media time and again, you increase the chances of your website getting associated with those keywords. And since search engines are delivering social network profiles in their search results, your chances of getting noticed also increases.

5. Link out to others and utilize forums

Share your links with others in your post. Some of them may tweet about your content or may even link back to you. Linking out can help you get traffic very easily and freely, but it’s the most common way of getting your content noticed.

You can also use forums for getting visitors to your site. This can be done by visiting a forum regularly, and eventually by creating your own thread, mentioning your newest post and content. Remember to check the guidelines as most forums have restrictions regarding such activity.

6. Social media requires socializing skills

Get real.  If you want your content to get shared, you will have to present a real, human presence in social media. People must know you and your work. Open up and engage in discussions with others. Make your presence felt and engage visitors in your blog or website.  Try and remember the names of the people who are publicizing your work. Learning a person’s name can establish a personal connection with that person, and with others as well.

7. Utilize Social networks

Sharing, tweeting, and liking are the methods which have become the tools for making your content known to millions of people. But it is advisable that you don’t go around and post your link, or place social media buttons of networking channel that you don’t even use. Before opting for social networks as platforms for publicity, it’s important to know your niche audience and the purpose your content serves. It’s also important that the social networks that you opt for are ones where you are visible and participate on a regular basis.

8. Use your email for generating traffic

Emails are the original social media tools, but many bloggers forget that. Every now and then we send emails to people. By placing a link to our blog or website in the emails as our email signature, we can publicize our content. Make your site easy to reach or just a click away with an email signature.

9. Explore multimedia content options

Any content derives value from visuals such as slideshows, pictures, videos, animation and music. People are able to relate more easily with such content that offers audio-visual support or description. It makes your work look catchy, and optimizes your social profile. Just reading text is not enough for people — they want to see pictures or images that can connect their imagination with the content. This also enhances the chances that your content will get shared more often.

10. Broaden your reach

Once you have informed people within your network about your content, the real task of managing your profile and reaching the masses begins. Depending on others to share your content won’t help you get the traffic that you want. To make your content visible and get it shared often through social media, you’ll have to work hard. You’ll need to broaden your horizons and enhance your knowledge about people around you. Compile a list of experts, people, and companies sharing your interests, or writing content similar to yours. Connect with them and exchange information.

Stay informed and up-to-date, because in this rapidly changing world of social media, you must keep up with current trends. Use social media buttons and tools to popularize your content. Learn more about upcoming updates regarding these tools and utilize them to your benefit.

– Ady Sachdeva

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