10 Essential WordPress Plugins You Need

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Posted 4 years ago

10 Essential WordPress Plugins You NeedSince its launch in 2003, WordPress has evolved into the largest blogging platform in the world. It is now used by millions of websites and is accessed and viewed by a plethora of people every day. It’s a highly customizable solution for maintaining your websites and is backed by the support of a large community of developers. These developers have made several plugins to facilitate website owners in the smooth operation of their websites.

Here is my list of the Top 10 Essential WordPress Plugins that every website owner should install. Not only will they assist you in running your blog smoothly, they will also engage your readers.

Let’s have a look at them:


Although there are innumerable plugins to combat spam, Akismet is the best. It checks the blog comments for spam. It features a comment status history column where spammed or approved comments are easily viewable. It also highlights hidden or misleading links in the content. An Akismet.com API key is needed to run this plugin. Make your blog/ website spam free, with the power of the Akismet plugin.

Price: While the Akismet API Key is free for personal blogs, businesses and commercial sites are required to pay for its use.

Download it here

All in one SEO Pack

This is the second most important plugin for your blog. The All in one SEO Pack helps you optimize your WordPress blog / website with just a few clicks. It helps you optimize everything, whether that’s your links or categories. This plugin is blessed with Google Analytics support, fine tune Page Navigational Links, advanced Canonical URLs, and support for Custom Post Types. The built-in API that lets all themes and plugins access it and extend functionality. The plugin boasts of two most essential features: Nonce Security, and its feature of providing SEO Integration for WP e-Commerce sites. The list of its merits goes on endlessly.

Price: $39 (Limited time offer) Download

W3 Total Cache

As the name suggests, the W3 Total Cache offers caching features for your website. It should be noted that W3 Total Cache is the only plugin to be based upon WordPress Performance Optimization (WPO) framework; that is designed to improve user experience and loading speed of blog pages. The requirement of caching varies on the basis of your website. Websites with heavy scripts and pictures will notice a marked improvement in the load speed after the installation of this plugin.

Price: Free Download


Although I have mentioned BackupBuddy in my article 5 Free Backup solutions for your WordPress blog in my previous article, I thought it worthwhile to mention it again in this article.  Developed by ithemes.com, this plugin performs secure backups and restores them in a very short time period. It allows you to take complete or partial backup of your WordPress website and store the data in several locations such as Amazon S3, local hosting server, FTP, Dropbox, or BackupBuddy Stash.

Price: ($80-$197) Download

Google XML Sitemaps

This plugin lets you efficiently index your blog in popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. by generating a special XML sitemap. The crawlers can easily view the entire structure of your website and recall it more expeditiously. It submits your updated sitemap to the major search engines. It also notifies the search engines every time you add a new blog post.

Price: Free Download

404 Redirected

Imagine that a potential customer clicks on a link of your website, and they see a 404 error. It would yield a negative impression upon the visitor. It happens with most business owners, as they don’t get much time to check for broken links in their websites. Broken links also affect SEO adversely. This plugin shows you all the URLs on your website that show 404 errors and assists you to create 301 and 302 redirects to other pages on your website. It will also pass PageRank to the correct pages.

Price: Free Download

Digg Digg

No business can succeed without the help of social media. With the Digg Digg plugin, you can create a floating box with share buttons to enable visitors to your website to quickly and instantly share the pages they are viewing. This plugin shows various buttons with counts,  such as Facebook Like, Reddit, Twitter, Buffer, Facebook Share, Digg, LinkedIn, Google +1, dZone, TweetMeme, Pocket, Yahoo Buzz, BlogEngage, StumbleUpon, Del.icio.us, Sphinn, Designbump, WebBlend, Serpd, Pinterest, Topsy and Tumblr. It is a customizable plugin, so you can deselect the services that you don’t wish to add.

Price: Free Download

Duplicate Posts Remover

As we add content so often to a blog, or when there are multiple bloggers on a particular blog, it becomes difficult to track duplicate posts. The Duplicate Posts Remover plugin removes duplicate posts and pages from your blog. It is very easy to install and use. Remember, it will not let you get rid of the duplicate posts completely, as it will move them to the trash. Thus, the posts will no longer be visible so that you can modify them. If you wish to delete them permanently, then you need to empty your trash folder.

Price: Free Download


WPtouch is another very essential plugin for your website. Due to the advent of smartphones and tablets, people have started using mobile technology on a behemoth scale. Thus it has become mandatory to make your website mobile friendly. This plugin automatically enables an elegant and minimalist theme for the mobile visitors of your WordPress website. It features AJAX loading articles and smooth effects on various mobile devices including iPhone, iPod touch, Android mobile phones, etc.

Price: Free Download

Gravity Forms

The Gravity Forms plugin lets you create and publish WordPress forms with a few clicks. You just need to select the appropriate fields and configure the options using the tools provided in the form builder plugin. The forms can be made without any knowledge of programming.

Price: $39 Download

This was my list of the Top 10 essential WordPress plugins. Do you know any essential plugin that I have missed? Share your views with us.

– Ady Sachdeva

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