12 3D Printing Sites

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Posted 4 years ago

12 3D Printing Sites3D printing is a new and fast growing field. With 3D printing, you can design and create all types of objects from digital models. Check out these 12 websites related to 3D printing to learn more about this emerging technology.

makerbotmakerbot.com – Welcome to the future. Here at MakerBot Industries we make the things that make the things that make cool things for you!

shapewaysshapeways.com – Shapeways is the 3D printing marketplace and community. Make your ideas real with 3D printing.

sculpteosculpteo.com – Sculpteo is a worldwide 3D printing service, marketplace and community.

imaterialisei.materialise.com – i.materialise is an online 3D printing service. We are a production house for designers who create products for 3D printing

ponokoponoko.com – 3D printing and laser cutting made easy. With Personal Factory, you can buy, sell & create custom products.

123dapp123dapp.com – For people who want to make things themselves, Autodesk 123D is free 3D modeling software integrated with content and fabrication services.

thingiversethingiverse.com – Thingiverse is a universe of things. Download our files and build them with your laser cutter, 3D printer, or CNC.

cubifycubify.com –  where 3D printing turns your ideas into real objects. Express yourself in 3D! Make cool stuff on the Cube 3D printer

3ders3ders.org – provides in-depth information about 3D Printing.

continuumfashioncontinuumfashion.com – Continuum is part fashion label, part experimental design lab.

SnapilySnapily – Surprise your loved ones with personalized 3D and Animated cards or gifts.


3dlt.com – Buy royalty free stock 3d printing templates from 3DLT, a huge marketplace of great files.

– Russ Mate

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