18 Million Social Security Numbers Were Leaked In The Recent Government Hack

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Posted 2 years ago


Cyberthreat Sharing Bill Approved By CongressThe United States Office of Personnel Management revealed during congressional hearings on Monday that they feel that 18 million people may have had their Social Security numbers exposed as part of a massive cyberattack in the past few weeks.

As first reported earlier this month, hackers believed to be aligned with the Chinese government gained illegal access to servers that contained sensitive information for every employee of the federal government.

That information was later revealed to include Social Security numbers, which was covered soon after on this website.

Standing before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, the director of the OPM spoke to this particular part of the breach.

“The 18 million refers to a preliminary, unverified and approximate number of unique social security numbers in the background investigations data,” said Katherine Archuleta.

Further testimony from the chief information office, Donna Seymour, stated that the hackers also took manuals on the department which included manuals on the government servers themselves.

The head of the committee, Utah Republican Representative Jason Chaffetz, voiced his displeasure with Archuleta’s testimony, blaming her for failing to disclose the full impact of the attacks and calling for her to resign.

“As the head of the agency, Ms. Archuleta is—in fact—statutorily responsible for the security of the OPM network and managing any related risk.” he said during the proceedings.

The OPM has taken great measures since the attack to bolster their online  security in a 23 step that includes mandatory cybersecurity training and more sturdy firewalls.

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