1Password 4 Coming to Android Soon

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Posted 4 years ago


1Password 4 Coming to Android SoonIn light of the recent Adobe hacking disaster, passwords have been receiving a lot of attention lately. Any website can seemingly be hacked at any time, and using the same password and email combination for all accounts will make you an easy target. Experts are therefore recommending that web users come up with a different password for every account. Of course, remembering numerous passwords is not a simple task, which is why we all choose to stick to just one or two passwords in the first place.

1Password is a multi-platform password management app that allows you to use various login credentials securely.

The app, created by developer Agilebits, has had great success over on iOS and its users swear by the service. Version 4 of the service aims to bring to Android the same experience that Apple users have been enjoying for some time. 1Password is not totally new to Google Play, but it sure does feel like it – the app has not received an update since January 2012.

Agilebits took to its blog to announce that version 4 would be coming to Android and it sure offers a marked improvement on the app that Google users currently have access to.

The developers confirmed that 1Password 4 is currently in the beta testing phase, though they are not currently seeking any beta testers at the moment. If you do want to know what’s going on earlier than the rest of the Google Play Store users, you can do so by signing up the 1Password newsletter via email.

1Password Reader for Android came as a free download; however, it is thought that the newest version will be more in line with the iOS version, which costs $17.99. While the service does offer great features, such a large price tag may be off-putting for Google users that have seen Chrome security improve greatly over the past year.

– Anthony Carter


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