2 WordPress Link Checker Plugins Reviewed

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Posted 4 years ago


2 WordPress Link Checker Plugins Reviewed While cyber activities grow from big to bigger, simply running a website or a WordPress blog isn’t enough.

Maintenance is equally important. In due time, your website/blog will have to deal with an increasing number of pages, visitors, comments and posts.

Imagine that you created an interesting post a year back, the external links to which do not exist at all today. How are you going to fix it? In fact, how are you even going to find out that a particular link has turned invalid at present?

It’s a sheer waste of time going through each and every post and comment looking for broken links and removing them. This is where a broken link plugin comes to the rescue.

Such plugins monitor links from time to time, and notify you if any invalid link is found.

Two top link checker plugins are the WP Link Validator, and the Broken Link Checker.



As the name suggests, this link checker plugin checks for any broken links and notifys you accordingly.

It monitors links in your posts, comments, bookmarks, and custom fields; detects the broken links and redirects accordingly. You will be notified about broken links via the Dashboard or an email message.

What more, the Broken Link Checker prevents search engines from following broken links and gives you the option to filter links by URL, anchor text, etc.

It also saves you from the hassle of manually updating each post with its direct editing feature by which you can edit the links directly from the plugin page. By letting you fix those links directly from the plugin menu, the Broken Link Checker makes the clean up job much simpler and less time-consuming.

This plugin is simple to use, and is especially suitable to repair all the broken links which were once connected to your blog or website, but have now been either moved to another new domain, or cease to exist anymore.

Use this plugin every six months for regular clean-ups, and you will invariably enhance your users experience on your website and stimulate web traffic.

So now, when you click on a link of your website and end up with a ‘404 page not found’ error, stop getting embarrassed, and immediately fix the problem by installing and activating the Broken Link Checker plugin, before visitors of your site find it .


Download the broken-link-checker.zip file. Then unzip the file, and follow it up by uploading broken-link-checker folder to the /wp-content/plugins/directory. Next, activate the plugin from the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

In order to customize the various features of the plugin, go to Settings, and click on the BrokenLink Checker.

The plugin will now go through all your posts, comments, for broken links as well as missing images, and will furnish you with a list of the number of broken links found on the same page.

You can see all the broken links by clicking on Tools, followed by Broken Links.

Having detected the broken links, you can now edit a URL directly from the broken link page, or, alternately, you can simply edit the post. Else, you can always execute the bulk actions like Unlinking the broken links, mark as not broken, or fix redirects, etc.



Similar to the Broken Link Checker, is the new WP Link Validator.

This is also an extremely easy-to-use WordPress plugin for validating the status of your links, i.e., for identifying whether a link in your post or comment in a WordPress site is valid or broken.

Also, being a parked domain links detector makes WP Link Validator an extremely powerful and must-have tool for every WordPress user. The parked domain link detection feature helps you differentiate between a normal or spam comment link. So now, using this plugin, you can detect any broken link on your website and immediately disable it, if you’d like.

For those who are looking to check the broken links of only a specific category, say the posts, instead of the comments or images in the pages, the WP Link Validator also offers you to choose from the following options:


Post Title

Post Content

Post Excerpt

Content Editor

What really sets the WP Link Validator apart from the Broken Link Checker is that it works real time and there is no need to pre-process links from the database. The links are checked asynchronously at the same time while the pages are loading. This means that there is no need to periodically schedule the tool to check for broken links, thereby making sure that the performance of your site isn’t affected.

However, the one area where it requires an improvement is that, unlike the Broken Link Checker, the WP Link Validator cannot fix the broken links, but can only automatically remove them.

The WP Link Validator also supports WordPress Multisite Installation.

Which link checker plugin to you prefer? Let us know in the comments below.


– Ady Sachdeva


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