20 Article Submission Websites Reviewed

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Posted 4 years ago


20 Article Submission Websites Reviewed

Article submission sites are an important factor in helping you promote your business. Check out our reviews of these 20 article submission websites, learn which of these sites are the best ones to spend your time on.


1. GoArticles

Rating: Excellent

This website is very easy to navigate. This is one of the best websites to post your articles on. My experience on this website has been excellent and they didn’t give me any problems with accepting articles. This website is also very easy to navigate.


2. Triond

Rating: Excellent

This website gave me absolutely no problems. Articles were posted without any restrictions or issues. Also very easy to navigate.


3. Amazines

Rating: Excellent

This website is a must place to visit and post your articles. They give you no issues, very easy to navigate, and your articles get views fast!  Make sure your articles go onto this website.

Promotion World

4. Promotion World

Rating: Good

This website worked pretty good for the most part. I had no problems posting articles. However, the last article I tried to post was not able to go through due to the website being down. I was receiving ERROR 500 messages. Once that’s taken care of, the website should be decent and reliable to post your articles on.


5. PopularArticles

Rating: Good

This website appears to be not so bad. They take awhile to approve your articles but so
far they haven’t given me a problem. This site is a good place to post your articles.


6. EzineArticles

Rating: Fair

I haven’t been able to experience this website properly, because they had a problem with the name I used. From my understanding,  this website is very strict about the name you use when you try to register for an account. It’s best to not waste your time with this website unless you have some spare time to kill.


7. DigitalDivideNetwork

Rating: Fair

I was only able to post 1 article out of 3 on this website. This is due to the fact that they do not allow any clickable links in your article.

If your article has any links that direct you to any other websites, then don’t waste your time. This website will not allow you to post your article in their database.

Article Biz

8. Article Biz

Rating: Fair

This website has no login or registration. Once you post your article it’s the same concept as putting a message in a bottle and throwing it into the ocean. You have no idea where it goes. I guess the point of this site is to just get your article out there. Only post your article on this site if you have time to kill.

Article Cube

9. Article Cube

Rating: Fair

Get your fingers ready and be prepared to type, because if your article has less then 600 words it’s going to be an issue for Article Cube.

However, article cube hasn’t given me any other issues. Just remember, your article must have over 600 words.

Article Rich

10. Article Rich

Rating: Poor

They claim to be “Article Rich” however, I felt as though I just went bankrupt trying to navigate around this website.

They also declined the first article I submitted, and haven’t even bothered reviewing the second article and it’s already been 3 days. This site has way to many restrictions. Don’t waste your time here.

Article Alley

11. Article Alley

Rating: Poor

Very difficult to navigate, don’t waste your time.


12. EzineMark

Rating: Poor

This website is the mother of all strict websites. The amount of guidelines this website has you follow, is similar to the amount of rules you would experience in elementary school.

Don’t even bother wasting your time with this website.

Article Click

13. Article Click

Rating: Poor

Don’t waste your time. Another website that’s difficult to navigate.


14. Content4Reprint

Rating: Poor

This site must have been designed by a 12 year old. Don’t waste your time here.

Article Sphere

15. Article Sphere

Rating: Poor

Article Sphere gave me an issue creating an account. Give it a try if you have nothing to else better to do.


16. UberArticles

Rating: Poor

Probably one of the most poorly designed and most confusing websites I’ve ever seen. This site is horrible and very hard to navigate around. Don’t bother.


17. SooperArticles

Rating: Poor

Very hard to register for an account, don’t waste your time.

Articles Factory

18. Articles Factory

Rating: Poor

Another poorly designed website, don’t waste your time.

Pub Articles

19. Pub Articles

Rating: Poor

Very hard to register for an account, not worth the time or effort.


20. ZuArticles

Rating: Poor

This site actually wants you to pay to use there services. They also have just as many guidelines as EzineMark.

Would not recommend anyone to post on this site. But they do have some interesting articles posted for you to read if you’re bored.

– Sal Sirchia





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