20 Point Of Sale [POS] Apps For iOS

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Posted 4 years ago

20 Point Of Sale [POS] Apps For iOS

Review these 20 Point Of Sale apps that can help you take your transactions mobile. Manage your POS system using an iPhone and iPad. Great for the hospitality industry and other businesses looking for a mobile POS solution on iOS.

Point Of SalePoint Of Sale

Let’s make Point of Sale mobile and fun! Run your POS operations on your iPad from any location with the easy to use Pointofsale.net iPad mobile POS app.

Are you a store owner that wants the power of POS without the high cost of purchasing POS hardware or a clunky old cash register? Have an iPad at home? Here is your solution!

Imagine gaining the power and flexibility of mobility throughout your selling operations from mobile cashiers all the way to inventory management in one convenient easy to use application.

Focused on small/medium size business, this software brings the power and functionality of a traditional POS system to a hand held device, giving your business that professional feel without the professional cost.

ShopKeep POSShopKeep POS

ShopKeep POS is a powerful, elegant, and easy-to-use cloud-based iPad point of sale (POS) system. It takes minutes to set up and offers a complete platform that helps merchants manage their businesses more effectively. ShopKeep POS is not free but we do offer a 30-day free trial for merchants to take it for a test drive.

Thousands of merchants in all 50 U.S. states currently use ShopKeep POS every day to run a diverse array of businesses, including coffee shops, quick serve restaurants, bakeries, retail stores, boutiques, pop up stores, and many more.

Whether you’re starting a new business or replacing your outdated POS system or antiquated cash register, you’re sure to see immediate improvements with ShopKeep POS. In addition to this iPad register app, the ShopKeep POS BackOffice (accessible from any web browser) allows you to manage your inventory and your employees, along with tracking real-time and historical sales data. Plus, the ShopKeep POS Dashboard app for iPhone provides you with an up-to-the-minute snapshot of the day’s sales.

Ambur - point of saleAmbur – point of sale (POS)

Ambur is a an easy to use point of sale app that is used at restaurants, coffee shops, bars and food trucks.

Ambur comes from a team of former restaurant owners and employees who built a point of sale system they wanted to use. With Ambur, you can run payroll, generate customized reports, export totals to spreadsheets, view order history for customers and much more. Give your servers iPods and they can take orders, process credit cards at the table, print receipts and always have access to the point of sale system no matter where they are in the restaurant.

Ambur offers all the features you need from a point of sale in an easy to customize package to meet all you needs. Download Ambur today and take control of your business!

Ring It Up UniversalRing It Up Universal: Invoicing Point of Sale

Ring up your sales, expenses, and accept payment right on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. Instantly email your receipts or invoices directly to your customers. Bookkeeping no longer has to be a chore. Ring it Up is the portable point-of-sale app for the “Merchant on the go.”

NCR Silver POSNCR Silver POS

NCR Silver is a simple, yet powerful mobile point of sale and cloud-based back-office solution that helps small business owners.

iConnect POSiConnect POS – Point of Sale System

iConnect is a simple, intuitive iPad POS (point of sale) app for retail shops, delis, kiosks, salons, mechanics, mobile salespeople & more. This revolutionary app can be customized to be as simple or sophisticated as you need it, making it the first iPad POS app that can truly match up to traditional point of sale systems.

iConnect empowers you to sell more by giving you the ability to create relationships with customers, manage your employees, keep track of your inventory, book appointments and view your appointment calendar, make sales, generate reports, and much, much more from a single iPad cash register application.

Please note: iConnect requires a monthly fee after your 30-day free trial is up.

ZingCheckoutZingCheckout – Point of Sale

ZingCheckout is fast, modern and easy-to-use point of sale system that lets you run your business anywhere you can take your iPad.

Setup is quick and easy. You’ll be ready to start accepting sales within minutes of downloading.

Note: This app requires a free ZingCheckout account to use. You can quickly sign up through the app, or online at zingcheckout.com. There are both free and premium subscriptions available. Every account gets access to premium features for 14-days, no credit card needed.

iPay Mobile Point of SaleiPay Mobile Point of Sale

iPay Mobile Point of Sale is a free multi-gateway credit card processing application for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Redesigned Email Receipts! Also can add Receipt Footer and Promo Message to both email and print receipts.

UNIMAG SUPPORT! This remarkable device interfaces through your iPhone’s audio jack and can capture complete track data.

Imag Support – iPay Mobile Point of Sale supports the ID Tech iMag card reader.

Shuttle Support – iPay Mobile Point of Sale supports the ID Tech Shuttle card reader.

P25-M Support – Now print receipts directly from iPay Mobile Point of Sale. This unit has both a card swipe unit and a thermal receipt printer. The receipts will even capture the customers signature they input into iPay Mobile Point of Sale.

DS-247i (iAPS) Support –  Another elegant printer/swiper solution! Dock your iPhone/iPod directly into an integrated printer/MSR!

POS Lavu ClientPOS Lavu Client

POS Lavu is a full-featured, affordable Point of Sale with Business Management tools – saving time and money.

CLOUD computing + WIRELESS technologies + INTUITIVE interface = the easiest to learn, most powerful POS available

BreadcrumbBreadcrumb – Restaurant Point of Sale

The Breadcrumb Client is a client app for the Breadcrumb hospitality point of sale system. The Breadcrumb Client allows users to access the Breadcrumb Point of Sale system, a fully-featured hospitality point of sale for restaurants, bars, cafes and nightclubs that manages checks, floorplans, labor and payments.

Cube Point of SaleCube Point of Sale

Modernize your business and enhance your customer experience with the Cube iPad Point of Sale.

Download Cube Point of Sale and start accepting orders in minutes. You get a free credit card reader, integrated credit card processing, and a complete suite of business tools and reporting features. Pay just 2.5% per credit card transaction. No minimums, licensing fees, maintenance or upgrade fees, monthly fees, or merchant contracts. Funds from your transactions are automatically deposited into your bank account.

POS by ImonggoPOS (Point of Sale) by Imonggo

Experience Imonggo, the world’s easiest point-of-sale software, now on the iPad.

Imonggo is the world’s most user-friendly and cost-effective POS system in the market. This powerful web-based retail solution enables you to operate hundreds of retail stores, in just a click of a mouse!

Using Imonggo for iPad is also as easy:

Just download the app and log in to any Imonggo account.
Intuitive interface lets you use it without any tutorial.
Access your full inventory while on the move.
Sell items even while offline.
Use your iPad to showcase products to any customer.
Email receipts to your customers.
Print receipts through AirPrint function.
Change the background to suit your mood.
One-of-a-kind graphical interface makes selling fun.

Hummingbird Point-of-SaleHummingbird Point-of-Sale

Streamline server order taking in your restaurant. The program includes a fast point-of-sale, ticket management and seat management for Food Runners, and an “easy to use” modification system.

Wirelessly send orders to your Kitchen and Lounge areas, and print them with a touch of a button from your device.

With an attached Credit Card reader you can process and print orders at the table saving valuable time.

Teamwork Mobile Point-of-SaleTeamwork Mobile Point-of-Sale – 1.3

Teamwork Mobile is an iPad application that extends your Point of Sale capacity throughout the store or outside or at a show. Associates can find customers and items, ring up sales, take credit cards, and send receipts, working one-on-one with public on the floor. Teamwork Mobile iPad is a full-featured POS and inventory control application you can walk around with making sales on the go.

Teamwork Mobile synchronizes continuously with your inventory and sales database in CloudHQ – and operates normally even while connectivity may be interrupted. Each store computer can support multiple Teamwork Mobile devices making sales on the floor, with a continuous two-way flow of updated information from the mobile device to the to the CloudHQ server and back. Thus an array of powerful analytics is continuously available to management using current data from across the enterprise, down to the last sale just made on the iPad Teamwork Mobile.

Additionally, you can mount the Teamwork Mobile iPad on a stand at the sales desk as a compact, aesthetic and easy POS device that is great for crowded lanes.

Best of all, the Teamwork Mobile iPad makes an awesome retail experience and doubles the fun and ease of shopping for the customer. And let’s face it: the iPad is just “cool”!

The features of Teamwork Retail itself include highly sophisticated dual 4-tier inventory classifications, numerous custom fields and lookups, unlimited locations, role-based security, multiple price levels and rich content supporting full Ecommerce integration.

The Teamwork Mobile POS features include item search, price look-up, making sales, returns, discounts, payment or gift card processing, customer lookup, adding customers, editing customer information and extensive reporting, to name a few.

Posterita - Cloud Point of Sale

Posterita – Cloud Point of Sale

With Posterita, take your entire store with you on an iPad and stay on top of every aspect of your business from anywhere at any time. And here’s even better news! You can install Posterita revolutionary cloud-based Point of Sale for free. It costs nothing to install – no matter how many stores you plan to operate with it. So join the revolution in retail today. Transform the way you manage your retail stores, reduce your costs and improve your bottom line.

 Lightning Online Point of Sale for the iPad

Lightning Online Point of Sale for the iPadLightning Online Point of Sale for the iPad

Lightning Online Point of Sale for the iPad is a back office management tool. When used in conjunction with Lightning Online Point of Sale, a subscription based product, you can manage inventory, customers, vendors, employees, security, sales reports, closeout data and much more… In real time, of course. Reminder: You must be a subscriber of Lightning Online Point of Sale to use this application.

Mobi POS - Point Of Sales LiteMobi POS – Point Of Sales Lite

MobiPOS is the ideal point of sale application for restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries and kiosk.
This is a standalone application. Unlike others, no subscription fees is needed.
To setup, you need an ipad, cash drawer (optional), LAN thermal printer, router and you are good to go.
Everything works offline and AirPrint is not required.
All ESC Emulation thermal printer will be supported. (TSP-100 is supported too)


Cashier has reinvented the cash register for modern businesses. Now you can ring up sales, take payments, manage inventory, and more with your iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Within seconds of installing Cashier you’ll be ready to start selling!

Retail Point of Sales LiteRetail Point of Sales Lite

Are you a store owner that yearns to be able to easily tabulate your daily sales, know your stock inventory and yet still be able to do it on a inexpensive solution. Now there is.

Do you want to be able to track your customers and know which product is your best selling product with the click of a button? Now you can.

Introducing Octopus – a iPad based Point of Sales that monitors your sales figures, your relationships with your customers by tracking how much they spend and keeping a tight control of your costs by keeping inventory minimal.

 SalesVu iPad POS

SalesVu iPad POSSalesVu iPad POS

SalesVu is about to make your business life a lot easier. Use it to conduct business from anywhere. Manage all of your locations, accept various forms of payment, track sales and customer data, all while on the go.

– Russ Mate

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