2014: SmartPhone Traffic To Increase 10-Fold

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Posted 4 years ago


2014: SmartPhone Traffic To Increase 10-FoldThe telecom vendor Ericsson has predicted that smart phone subscriptions will not just double, but triple by 2014. Smartphone traffic is to increase tenfold by 2014. LTE will blanket 2/3 of the Earth by then, also.

In just a couple of years, by 2016, smartphone subscriptions will ultimately surmount the amount of subscriptions for the old-fashioned telephone. That event will lead to the benchmark in 2019 of 5.6 billion smartphones out of the whole 9.3 billion phones worldwide.

What will drive this tremendous increase, globally, will be the advent of the Middle East, Africa and the Asian Pacific having access to some not-so-expensive smartphones. The change from GSM and Edge to 3G in these areas will drive the changes up ahead. In the years to come, North America and Western Europe will go from 3G to LTE.

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