47% Of Doctors Now Using Smartphone, Tablets And PC’s

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Posted 4 years ago

47% Of Doctors Now Using Smartphone, Tablets And PC'sAccording to a report (PDF) by epocrates.com, mobile device use among physicians is becoming more popular.

The report is based on a quantitative survey of 1,063 healthcare providers from the Epocrates market research panel, conducted in May 2013. The survey pool was comprised of primary care practitioners, cardiologists, oncologists, psychiatrists, nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

On average, respondents saw 308.59 patients during a typical month, and spent 93 percent of their time providing direct patient care. Average years of experience of respondents were 13.27 years.

53% use tablets at work, compared to 34% last year. 86% of the clinicians now use smartphones in their professional activities, up from 78% in 2012.

These numbers are almost certain to increase in the coming years.

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