$5.00 Please: AT&T’s Day Pass For Tablets

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Posted 4 years ago


$5.00 Please: AT&T's Day Pass For TabletsYou can’t stream movies for $5.00, but you are getting 250 megabytes of data for a single day, as AT&T offers its ‘day pass’ for tablets, as of this October 17th 2013.

The sign up is pretty easy, as you get walked through it, either that, or try the All Access app from AT&T.

AT&T has already preloaded the All Access app into it’s tablets.

Its expensive to use this service on its per diem basis, but I guess the alternative to paid Wi-Fi hotspots in airports and hotels may make for a better experience than what you might encounter.

It should be noted, for interested parties that this service is primed for LTE  but HSPA+ works as a back-up.

Rich Casale


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