5 Sure Signs Your Company Website Needs A Redesign

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Posted 4 years ago

5 Sure Signs Your Company Website Needs A RedesignHow many times has your office, in just the years back you can easily remember, undergone the perennial spring cleaning?

Swapped the old television set for something with a bigger screen and better sound?

How about the car? Brought the car in for a tuneup lately?

I’m sure a car wash was in the not-so-distant past.

Remember pouncing on that phone upgrade that made you feel as smart as your smartphone when the unboxing of the swift and sleek device was finally set alight?

That great feeling of rebuilding your website is as instantaneously gratifying as watching your car – spiffy and clean coming down the carwash runway; your TV and phone that are bigger and better generally setting yourself at ease.

And it’s as easy to tell that your company’s website needs to be re-designed, by the following:

1. Your website looks very obviously outdated.

And that can drive traffic away from your site and onto greener pastures.  If you look carefully do you find that the colors are flat, with static pages and old photos?

I’m not saying that your business is entirely outdated. Is the popularity and appeal it had two years not faded somewhat?

Rebuilding a site is liberating; just like the spiffy office. It means in with the new and out with the old. You want to keep your visitors thoroughly engaged – skipping spritefully through the pages. Absorbing it’s newness.

2. Your website leads have seen a significant drop

Though it may not be what you want to hear; this one is a biggie: Others have updated and optimized; made key changes to suit the new algorithms by keeping in lockstep. Are your backlinks on the other websites buried in older content?

Can prospects, that can potentially bring in big gains for your company, find you easily?

Also, all your website’s pages must be properly optimized and making available keyword rich content.

Do you realize how important it is to update your website regularly which is accomplished through a consistent schedule of writing and posting articles to your blog, or by going the smart, extra step and adding fresh new pages and updating the older ones with a view towards more current/relevant data?

3. Your site architecture is stifling.

Is it confusing and/or difficult for users to find your contact page? Do you load up with social media icons that go hand in hand with encouraging interaction with your site content?

Let’s face it: Your content may be great but not so easy to access. Disorganized and disjointed pages with too much content, to begin with, for a single page may be the culprit.

A little secret here: Content should not be hidden more than 2 clicks deep.

You need a re-design of your website structuring if it takes more than two clicks from any page on your site to get somewhere.

4. Here’s the most blatantly obvious reason: If you find yourself needing to know how to code before you can make an update.

If your website was built in the last two years there is no possible exception as to why you haven’t utilized the many free content management systems available. A content management system (CMS), such as WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal,  allows users to edit the content on their site as quickly and efficiently as they would a word document.

And how much website experience does it take to use a CMS?

None at all.

You say you don’t have a CMS currently?

The it’s high time to redesign your website.

You will literally save scads of money since you won’t have to hire a developer or coder to make most of your content based changes.

A CMS will give your staff a much needed refrain from the mundane. Updating and adding new content becomes a big relief; a key area that a CMS helps so much with is if there are staff changes and items that need to be deleted right away from your site.

5. If you have updated branding or rebranded.

This is where I will impart the 2nd secret: Change the look, not the feel!

Especially true is the above when undergoing a complete rebranding effort, which serves to only leave your website pockmarked with the old look. That shows a complete lack of attention to detail, and it only serves to become very lacking in attracting prospective clients.

Which leads me to let you know the third and final secret/tidbit of the wisdom gained through robust experience:

Always include a website redesign as part of your companies rebranding effort.

The results of a redesign are contingent on you keeping an open mind and look to the old site for whichever visual elements became the brand of your website.

And, lastly, I don’t think I need to tell you that the key themes in your new design; the color scheme, typography, icons or photographs and logo (the old logo may make the transition) are just by taking the redesign step, going to dazzle and delight.

You’ll be glad you took one more step towards upgrading your business and one giant leap ahead of the competition by redesigning your website.

Start today!

– Rich Casale

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