6 Things You Need to Know About the iPad mini

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Posted 5 years ago

So, as expected, the much rumored and widely anticipated iPad mini was unveiled by Apple at a specially arranged event in San Jose on Tuesday 23rd October. Also announced was a fourth generation iPad, coming just seven months after the third generation model hit shelves. But, as surprising as the announcement was, the majority of the talk during, and after, the Apple event was focused on the tablet that Steve Jobs said would never happen.

Here we look at six things you need to know about the iPad mini.

1. Classic design

Depending on how you view the iPad mini, you could say it was an overgrown iPhone 5 or a smaller third-gen iPad; either way you can tell it’s an idevice. The tablet comes with an aluminum and glass enclosure and the same diagonal bezel that is used on the iPhone 5.

As expected, Apple has decided not go all the way down to seven inches with the iPad mini, and Tim Cook has said that 7.9 inch screen is as small as they were prepared to go with this device. The tablet is super thin at 7.2mm and weighs just 0.68 lbs, giving it no problem in competing with the Google Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD on size.

2. It makes the most of it size

Smaller bezels help give the iPad mini is 7.9 inch display which Apple says gives 35 percent more screen real estate than competing tablets and 67 percent more viewing area when using the Safari browser. The HD display packs in 1024 x 768 pixels, giving 163 ppi.

3. iPad 2 matching hardware

Apple’s offering to the small tablet market is certain to be a winner on specs, matching and even slightly bettering the iPad 2. The iPad mini will be powered by a dual-core A5 chip, it will also have a front-facing FaceTime HD camera and 5-MP rear facing iSight camera. The size of the device means that you won’t be as embarrassed when taking a snap.

As with the iPhone 5, the new tablet comes with the lightning dock connector and Apple has promised a good 10 hours of battery life from the 16.3-watt-hour lithium polymer battery. The battery life expectancy drops to nine hours browsing on mobile data, but is still wholly impressive.

As ever, Apple offers 16, 32 and 64GB versions of the new tablet.

4. 4G LTE included

The iPad mini comes with the same LTE capabilities as the iPhone 5, which means different versions for different bands: As reported by TechRadar, model A1455 will do LTE bands 1, 3, 5, 13 and 25, and model A1454 will work on LTE bands 4 and 7.

Apple also says that the built-in Wi-Fi is twice as fast as previous iPad’s.

5. It only matters if it’s black or white

There were many rumors about the iPad mini being made available in a range of different colors – this is not the case. As with the other iPhone’s and iPad’s, you can pick up the mini i black or white. The iPhone 5 slate and silver back covers have been included.

6. Priced higher than expected

The price of the iPad mini is higher than expected. Based on Apple’s theory that consumers are happy to pay more for their products, the prices for the mini start at $329 for the 16GB model; rising to $429 for the 32GB version and $659 for the 64GB tablet – a fair bit more than rival small tabs, but still the cheapest iPad yet.

Apple will start taking pre-orders for the iPad mini tomorrow (26 October) and the tablet will hit stores on 2 November.

– Anthony Carter

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