68 Crowdfunding Websites To Fund Your Project

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Posted 4 years ago

68 Crowdfunding Websites To Fund Your ProjectIn this list you’ll find crowdfunding sites that can help you get almost any type of project funded. Harness the power of the crowd to get the funding you need. And on the flip side, if you’re looking to invest in a project, check out some of the opportunities that are available on these sites.









kickstarter.com – Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects. Everything from films, games, and music to art, design, and technology. Kickstarter is full of ambitious, innovative, and imaginative projects that are brought to life through the direct support of others.




indiegogo.com – The crowdfunding solution that empowers ideas and enables people to donate funds easily.






iCrowd.com – iCrowd is dedicated to helping businesses succeed, benefiting customers, communities, and investors.






crowdrise.com – CrowdRise is about giving back, raising lots of money for great causes and having the most fun in the world while doing it.








pledgemusic.com – PledgeMusic is a way for you to help your favourite artists make and release their records. It helps artists and bands design a tailored fundraising campaign to raise money for their next release.







rockethub.com – Thousands of people are raising millions of dollars on Rockethub.







razoo.com – Razoo is a movement of people who want to make generosity a part of everyday life.






crowdfunder.com – Crowdfunder is an Investment Crowdfunding platform that will enable U.S. startups and small businesses to raise funds through public offerings of equity, debt and revenue based securities sold to individual investors.






earlyshares.com – EarlyShares is the premier Equity Based Crowdfunding platform. We are recognized leaders in the industry, connecting entrepreneurs and investors securely and effectively.






sportfunder.com – Sportfunder is an international crowdfunding platform that assists sport’s amateurs and professionals, clubs, and teams etc. in raising funds.





secondmarket.com – We’re empowering entrepreneurs by reinventing the modern stock market and redefining the modern company. We’re enabling companies to provide liquidity, raise capital and communicate with key stakeholders through products that give control to companies, not to Wall Street.





petridish.org – On Petridish, you can get involved first hand with research projects that are changing our world. Discover teams led by world-renowned researchers. Make science truly come to life by backing your favorite scientists and causes.





pleasefund.us – A crowdfunding website for creative and social ideas.





ulule.com – Participate in the funding of creative and innovative projects, receive exclusive rewards. If a project does not meet its goal, you are fully refunded with no fees.






seedups.com – Seedups is a new crowd funding matching engine for Startups who wish to raise up to $500,000 from qualified high net worth / sophisticated Investors







kopernik.info – Kopernik is a registered public charity with tax exempt 501(c)(3) status in the United States which has set up an online marketplace to bridge the gap between innovators, developing communities and financial supporters in order to distribute life-changing technology effectively to the developing world.







symbid.com –  Find capital or become owner in exciting start-ups or established companies. Everyone can become an owner in promising new start-ups or established ventures. You can become an investor from as little as €20 or you can invest (much) more!







funding4learning.com – Funding4Learning is a new and revolutionary way for people around the world to fund their studies, fostering education through crowdfunding.







prosper.com – We connect people who want to ­invest money with people who want to borrow money.







Fondomat – allows you to raise money through small contributions.







GoFundMe.com allows you to raise money online for just about any idea, event, project or cause your family, friends & personal contacts might believe in.







CircleUp.com – A leader in equity-based crowdfunding, CircleUp focuses on angel investments in consumer products companies.






firstfunder.com – First Funder is an interactive platform enabling users to leverage their social capital to raise financial capital.







invested.in – Power your crowdfunding portal with the Invested.in Enterprise Crowdfunding Platform.








wahooly.com – Talk about the startups and brands on Wahooly through the most popular social destinations including blogs, Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook.







StartupValley is a top equity crowdfunding portal, platform, and website that allows technology startups and businesses to raise seed and startup capital.







sellaband.com – Where fans invest in music. Mission statement: To unite Artists and Fans in an independent movement that aims to level the playing field in the global music industry.







fundageek.com – The best source of crowd funding for technical innovation, scientific research & bringing new inventions to market.





weeve.it – 100% of donations directly fund nonprofit projects. Fund & Follow the change in your community.







ipovillage.com – IPO Village utilizes an Equity Crowdfunding Platform to offer NASDAQ IPOs directly to the public.







crowdcube.com – Crowdcube helps startup and growing businesses to raise business finance by letting people invest via our equity crowdfunding platform








ifundy.com – iFundy is the easiest way to raise money online for your cause.







fundingcircle.com – Savers earn great returns and borrowers get low cost business loans through Funding Circle’s online peer to peer lending marketplace.







neighbor.ly – Crowdfunding for civic projects. Invest in places and civic projects you care about.







banktothefuture.com – Bringing finance and investing to the entrepreneurs, businesses and investors that deserve it.







lendingclub.com – Investors earn better returns, borrowers pay lower rates.







upstart.com – A new approach to funding and mentorship.







seedrs.com – Online investing in the shares of new startup businesses and equity crowdfunding for seed-stage companies in the UK.







lumni.net – Lumni is a pioneer in the field of human capital financing. The company designs and manages social-investment funds that invest in the education of diversified pools of students.







peoplefund.it – Originally a way for charities to raise funds, crowdfunding is increasingly used by entrepreneurs to raise essential financial backing for exciting new projects.







invesdor.com – Invesdor is the first and leading Northern European open equity-based crowdfunding platform.








rupee.us – Fundraising with Crowdfunding in Minutes.







sponsume.com – Peer-to-peer crowdfunding for films, music, theatre, photography, dance, gaming, technology.







microventures.com – MicroVentures is an investment bank for startups. We conduct due diligence on startups and then if approved we help them raise capital from angel investors.






angellist.co – Where startups meet investors. Where startups meet talent.







bolstr.com – Bolstr is a marketplace where people can invest in and support the local small businesses that make their communities home.



investfashion.com – Investfashion is an innovative and sustainable platform, geared towards uniting the general public and fashion lovers who want to be financially and emotionally linked to the development of a new generation of creative designers.







youvegotfunds.com – Helping launch the next big idea.








pozible.com – Crowdfunding creative projects and ideas.







abundancegeneration.com – With Abundance you can earn a regular cash return by investing as little as £5 in UK Renewable Energy Projects.







mobcaster.com – Mobcaster is the only way to fund & watch independent TV.







appbackr.com – appbackr is a wholesale marketplace for applications. App developers find wholesale buyers to fund applications and drive sales.







gambitious.com – Gambitious is the first professional crowdfunding platform exclusively dedicated to the games industry.







louder.is – Create and fund commercials and billboards.







fundrazr.com – Social media fundraising application.







bountysource.com – The funding platform for open-source software.







rockthepost.com – Get access to highly vetted investment opportunities. Invest as little as $1000-$5000.







myfreeimplants.com – MyFreeImplants.com is a social networking website that provides a fun, safe, and debt free alternative to expensive breast augmentation loans.







fundable.com – Crowdfunding for Startup Businesses. Help launch awesome companies with pledges and commitments.







startsomegood.com – StartSomeGood is a platform for social good initiatives to raise funds and grow a community of supporters.







microryza.com – Crowdfunding Platform for Science Research.







offbeatr.com – Find, support, & create interesting adult projects.







iamscientist.com – Funding research, sharing discoveries.







equitynet.com – Use EquityNet’s equity crowdfunding platform, angel investor network, and business plan software to produce a winning business plan and get funding quickly.







towema.com – Launch your own crowdfunding site thanks to our white label platform. Fully hosted and customizable.







artistshare.com – ArtistShare is a platform that connects creative artists with fans in order to share the creative process and fund the creation of new artistic works.







appsplit.com – Appsplit is the Crowdsourcing Platform for Apps.







fundly.com – Our online fundraising platform makes it easy for causes and non-profits to raise money and fundraise online.



– Russ Mate


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