7 Apps to Make Black Friday Shopping Easier

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Posted 5 years ago

Quick, start panicking, Black Friday is here! Before the Thanksgiving turkey had even gone cold, the chaos that marks the start of the shopping season had already begun with stores such as Walmart, Sears and Best Buy giving consumers the chance to get their hands on deals on Thanksgiving evening.

“It’s no longer Christmas creep. It’s Christmas crush,” said Marshal Cohen, chief analyst at market research firm NPD Inc to Fox News. But it doesn’t have to be this way, it really doesn’t. If you own a smartphone, you can take the chaos-free approach to shopping and get through Black Friday a lot easier.

Here are seven apps that will help you stay ahead of the game on this most frenzied of days:

1. TGI Black Friday

TGI Black Friday is the encyclopedia for shoppers, compiling the latest deals that are on offer from the numerous retailers in its database. With this free app, you can browse through thousands of deals and receive instant notifications when new offers surface. TGI Black Friday also lets you create personalized shopping lists and download PDFs of ads.

2. Macy’s Black Friday App

New for this year, the Macy’s dedicated Black Friday app will let you plan out your shopping strategy to navigate your local store with ease. Created in partnership with eBay, users can create personalized shopping lists, and can share deals.

3. SnipSnap

There is no better way to save money on a day like today that with coupons and SnipSnap is the king of coupons. Users can save all of their coupons digitally so that they have them handy when seeking out bargains at the mall. By taking a photo of a coupon, SnipSnap will convert it into digital format, save it, and alert you when the expiry date is approaching.

4. Red Laser

Red Laser lets you scan barcodes of products, or take photos of them and receive a list of prices online and in nearby stores. A great app to help find savings.

5. Amazon Mobile

This app is a must on Black Friday. Amazon takes bargains to the next level with news deals kicking off every hour of the day. With this app, users can quickly access the deals, search for products, read reviews, and make purchases from Amazon.com and other merchants.

6. Facebook

The chances are you already have Facebook, but if you haven’t, you need it! Retailers bombard consumers with deals on Black Friday and many use Facebook as an avenue to do so. By ‘Liking’ your favorite brands, you can take advantage of any offers as soon as they are published on the social network.

7. Twitter

Same deal as Facebook. Get following your favorite stores and brands to find the best deals early.

Now that you have these apps in your arsenal, the only thing left for me to say is good luck!

– Anthony Carter

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