763 Million Strong Prospects For Apple’s iPhone China Mobile Deal

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Posted 4 years ago


763 Million Strong Prospects For Apple's iPhone China Mobile DealWith a great proportion made up of workers and villagers, 763 million people populate the Chinese market and what is not being told to the public, at present, is the stratagem to making the Apple iPhone deal with China Mobile a success.

China Mobile and Apple sealed the iPhone deal on Sunday.

An avid Apple watcher, Gartner analyst Ken Dulaney is pondering what most are at this point: Will the iPhone have an economy model ready to go for China, or will the status quo be kept by Apple.

This statement that Gartner made sums it up esoterically a bit, but maybe best:

“We’re going to see if Apple is more of a religion than a business.”

China is still a developing country. The wireless network mode of communications in China will be interesting to watch as it grows with Apple’s iPhone at a horizontal apogee on the greater Asian social event horizon.

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