A Business Card With A USB Interface

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Posted 3 years ago


A Business Card With A USB InterfaceCash might be going out. Checks might be going out. Even paper might be going out. But business never dies.

As such, business cards are still on the rise. And companies are looking to capitalize on the immortality of person-to-person contact. Now, there’s a company that is producing business cards that double as a paper USB device. With some clever engineering, SwivelCard allows cardholders to print their contact details while simultaneously offering potential business associates a digital file to better understand their work. The paper business card is patented and receives funding from Kickstarter investors. With already $20,000 (more than double the production price) and over a month to continue raising money, SwivelCard is adding up to be another successful Kickstarter project. The cards are selling for $29 mini, $79 mini, and $289 full so if you want the newest tech in business interaction, it won’t be cheap.

Shane Deitch


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