A Hard Drive Filled With Helium

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Posted 4 years ago


A Hard Drive Filled With HeliumThe 6TB Ultrastar He6 debuted today. HGST, a subsidiary of WD has its first helium-filled drive available ready today. A high-capacity bulk storage drive is what it is.

Less turbulence and less friction inside of the enclosure where the platters spin around, due to the use of helium is a revolutionary feat. Helium has 14% the density of air. The drives also requires less power to push their platters around. Instead of the usual 5, this means that 7 platters can be housed in the 3.5 inch drive enclosure.

HGST has come up with hermetic sealing technology to stop any leakage, as that was the challenge with using helium. It leaks through seals.

Helium will feature in a broad sweep of new products and technologies, HGST promises as they move forward.

Rich Casale


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