A Video Camera May Be Added To The Apple Watch Next Year

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Posted 2 years ago


Reuters Poll Predicts 6 Percent Of Americans Will Buy An Apple WatchThe Apple Watch’s next version could have one significant feature that would truly add to the futuristic feel many have come to look for from it.

Among the new potential features for the second generation of the device would include a wireless chip that would make it less dependent on the iPhone and a video camera.

The news comes from numerous sources close to Apple.

The wireless chip feature, referred to by sources as “tether-less”, would improve the communication via email and text of the Apple Watch.

The camera could be embedded in the device’s top bezel with the second generation release, enabling users to make use of the FaceTime application to make video calls to others and receive them.

While the next version wouldn’t be expected to hit the market until 2016, the potential for these features being included would no doubt get more interested in it.

The Apple Watch reportedly has sold close to 3 million units, and is slated to sell over 15 million units this year.

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