Ad-Free Instagram, A Thing Of The Past

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Posted 4 years ago


Ad-Free Instagram, A Thing Of The PastThe three years without advertisements for Instagram have come to an end.

On Friday, the first advertisement will run. A photo featuring a watch from Michael Kors’ Timeless collection will appear on Instagram. Whether users follow the brand or not, they will see the image. The options will be in place, though, and users can send feedback about not liking the content of the ad, or they can choose to hide it.

Facebook has Instagram available to, as they believe, help bring in teenagers and young adults a bit older than that. Facebook lacks in popularity with that age group.

The magazine quality advertisements, as they are being touted, are to entice the audience and in turn bring in more revenue.

It could have the opposite effect with young people looking elsewhere for their social media needs.

Rich Casale


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