Adblock Plus Launches on Android

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Posted 5 years ago

Adblock, the popular ad blocker for Firefox and Chrome, has been given the Android treatment. Version 1.0 of the free app has been released in to the Google Play Store by makers Eyeo and will be looking to significantly build on the 10 million users that the ad blocker already has.

The app will be compatible with all devices running Android 2.1 or higher and will block ads in your browser and in apps. The release of Adblock Plus is certain to be loved by users of Android, but is not likely to be as well received by third-party developers who rely heavily on ads as a source of revenue.

How Adblock Plus works on your Android device, will depend on the type of OS you are using and whether or not your device is rooted.

If your smartphone or tablet is not rooted and running Android 3.1 or higher, then the app will block ads in the web browser, but only on Wi-Fi. For non-rooted devices running an OS older than 3.1, users are going to need to navigate the settings menu to manually enable proxy-based filtering. Instructions of how to do this have been posted on the Adblock website. Devices that do not support setting a proxy server will unfortunately be unable to use the app.

For rooted devices, all ads will be blocked in the standard browser and in Chrome on mobile and Wi-Fi browsing without any change to network settings.

Adblock Plus is still very much in its infancy and this means there are a couple of restrictions, such as SSL-encrypted sites not getting any ad filtering and a persistent notification icon. Users of Firefox on Android will still be able to take advantage of the app, although a separate plugin will be required for use.

You can see Adblock Plus in the Google Play Store here.

– Anthony Carter

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