Adobe Flash Is Being Exploited By Cybercriminals

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Posted 2 years ago


Adobe_Systems_logo_and_wordmark.svgFor those using Adobe Flash, it appears that cyber thieves have found a way to take advantage of a flaw in the company’s Flash Player.

The French security firm Kafeine detected that criminals have been using a bug in the player which was patched by Adobe just last week.

Kafeine stated that there were bugs present in the software since January.

The report claims that thieves are using two kits, Angler and Magnitude that provide a framework for the criminals to get into a user’s computer system to deliver ransomware.

Ransomware is essentially computer software that locks down a PC and demands money be delivered to the thieves to unlock it.

The firm claimed that the issue affects the recent version of Flash.

Other security observers have noted that the kits can also deliver other forms of malware.

Adobe has recommended that users download the latest version of Flash from their website.

Christopher A. Smith


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