Airbnb Boss To Investors: We Don’t Need More Of Your Money

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Posted 2 years ago


Cuba Added To List Of Airbnb DestinationsIn an interview with ReCode’s Kara Swisher at their Code Conference on Wednesday, the CEO of Airbnb took pains to assure the public that the online peer-to-peer rental company is doing rather well financially.

In fact, Brian Chesky states that “We are already the largest provider of accommodations on the planet and we’re growing really, really, quickly.”

He felt that they were secure enough in a position of stability to where they didn’t need any more funding from investors.

Airbnb currently has over one million listings available in close to 200 countries with 34,000 cities.

From their inception in 2008, the company has swollen in size due to the growing need for accommodations that would be an alternative to traditional hotels.

And their properties range from having the ability to rent an apartment to now being able to rent more extravagant and offbeat locations like European ski lifts and castles.

Chesky went on to state that in spite of growth that has Airbnb valued at an estimated $10 billion thanks to previous investor funding totalling $794.8 million, there is no rush to go public with an IPO. “Whenever we start working on an IPO, that’s a two-year project.” he said.

Airbnb does have other matters to attend to first; they are currently the subject of fierce debate over their practices which critics claim add to a hefty housing crunch and deny cities tax dollars it would get if Airbnb operated within traditional hospitality rules.

For its part, the company is currently working with various cities on how they can work together in a more fruitful manner.

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