Allstate Wants To Know Everything About Drivers And They’ve Patented A Process To Do Just That

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Posted 2 years ago


AT&T Drives Forward With Connected CarsThe insurance company Allstate is highly interested in knowing all it can about the drivers who are signed up with them.

And a new technology idea may help them get closer to that goal.

Allstate was recently granted a patent for a specialized database that would catalog driving behavior.

That database would allow the company and its agents to get an evaluation on drivers’ physiological data including blood pressure rates and electrocardiogram or EKG rates.

The further application could lead to that data being measured by sensors within a car, located possibly in the steering wheel or the accelerator pedals.

Other information that could be gleaned would how fast a car is going and its location through GPS tracking.

The patent states that the database would be designed to collect data every two seconds and lead to getting readings of future events.

One other possibility could be that the database would be able to detect which drivers are risky due to aggressive behavior.

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