Almost 3/4 Of iOS Users Have Updated to iOS 7

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Posted 4 years ago


Almost 3/4 Of iOS Users Have Updated to iOS 7Less than 3/4 of iOS users have updated their iPod, iPad and iPhone devices to iOS 7.

The iOS update has been out one month, to this date. Maybe those who are cautious or just plain sluggish are thinking they seem wise in their trepidation to update, and with this news are primed for the reality of iOS 7.

It is the following news that could pessimistically but possibly still, lead to more stagnation of the transitioning of old devices to being updated.

Here’s why: Owners of versions of iPads and iPhones that are older models could suffer excessive battery drain from updating to iOS7. iOS7 consumer reports these older devices also run the risk of crash prone, slow apps and the problem of the slowdown of iMessages.

Not to forget to mention the first big problem discovered with the iOS7 that made it possible for users to sneak through the passcode screen.

The stats are as follows: The iOS 7 has been updated on 73% of devices while about 23% still have iOS 6, and finally even earlier versions than iOS 6 are on 3.65% of devices.

In conclusion, there is no wisdom in laziness. And there is no benefit when cautiousness leads to a frozen state of fear. Be diligent and keep track, executing what you must do and that is the best and most winning way to handle any situation.

Hark! There is the iOS 7.0.2 update to work out the kinks of the iOS 7.

Everybody’s got to elevate.

Rich Casale


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