Amazon Has Updated The Way They Rank Reviews

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Posted 2 years ago


Amazon Launches Free Lightweight Delivery ServiceOnline e-commerce giant Amazon has now updated their review system in an effort to help improve the ability of their customers to give more beneficial commentary on items.

Amazon is relying on a newer internal machine-driven learning system that will aid in giving more helpful updates to reviews posted on the American version on its site.

The hope is that in addition to more recent reviews getting prominent space at the top of search results for an item, that the system will prune out more of the bogus reviews that have been a slight irritant to Amazon over the years.

The latter is something that the company rarely mentions, but the change will no doubt limit those hassles.

The new system will also go a long way to help give more authentic ratings of items overall – previously, items got their ratings as an estimate based on all reviews listed for that particular item.

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