Amazon lights the fuse for same-day delivery services

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Posted 4 years ago

Amazon lights the fuse for same-day delivery lore has it right with the story of instant gratification for consumers who were promised their deliveries of virtually anything in an hour via services like Kozmo, Webvan and UrbanFetch; faster than you can read your morning newspaper did these companies flop.

Lighting the fuse, and the biggest motivator behind on-demand delivery’s renaissance is due to myriad and massive changes in strategy from the e-commerce behemoth that everyone knows is Amazon. With huge warehouses in every state and populated region, Amazon trundles forth with this line that is music to a shopper’s ears: Cheap or even free delivery for online purchases in 24 hours or less.

Google and eBay have both set up partnerships with many, many offline retailers in the grand attempt to out Amazon Amazon. What should be stressed, however, is that services as this article discusses for tech titans aren’t about making money; they are about collecting valuable info on potential customers. Though I myself can vouch for the efficiency of Amazon. They were certainly fast and on the money.

Rich Casale

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