Amazon Planning To Launch Their Own Food Brand

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Posted 2 years ago


Amazon Home Services LaunchesIn its quest to be the premier brand for all of their customers’ needs, Amazon is making plans to embark on doing business in a new field: groceries.

The global online retailer is looking to go toe-to-toe with other companies such as Target, Costco Wholesale and others by engaging food manufacturers to create their own private food label.

These manufacturers include TreeHouse Foods, a top company in the field.

The move is a major expansion of their Elements portfolio that offered diapers at one point as well as baby wipes to Prime subscribers.

Amazon reportedly also filed for trademarks on a slew of products in close to two dozen categories that include items ranging from razor blades to soups and pastas.

Amazon is looking to grab a share of the lucrative market that in-house brands have become thanks to shoppers being more fiscally conscious and taking advantage of the bargains offered by in-house brands like Costco’s Kirkland Brands and Target’s Archer Farms.

The company offered no comment on the reports.

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