Amazon Releases Update for its Kindle iOS App

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Posted 4 years ago

Amazon Releases Update for its Kindle iOS AppAmazon has updated its Kindle app for iOS and has introduced a clever new feature that allows account holders to purchase books on their iPhone or iPad without the company having to hand over the standard 30 per cent cut to Apple.

The update, released Tuesday, includes the ability to search the Amazon catalog of books online. This is the first time such a feature has been included on the app and does away with the need to visit Amazon’s website to browse through books. Until now, Amazon has kept the Kindle app strictly ‘purchase’ free to avoid handing over almost a third of sales to Apple. With a cut already going the way of publishers, it’s easy to see why Amazon wasn’t too keen on sending money Cupertino’s way and damaging its own profits.

By allowing users to search for books within the app, Amazon offers a host of ‘free samples’ that can be downloaded and read as often as the reader desires. Once the reader has finished the sample, Kindle presents them with a ‘before you go’ screen that allows them to send a purchase link to their personal email address. They can then complete the purchase and enjoy the full book once it has been synced back to their device.

It’s certainly clever thinking on Amazon’s part and, while it’s not ideal for users, it is an improvement to the service and gets around Apple’s restrictions – something that Cupertino is unlikely to be happy about.

In addition to the new search function, Amazon has also added the ability for users to import their own dictionaries, such as legal and medical text, if the default one is not suitable. There is also accessibility features for visually impaired users, an “instant cover loader” for faster cover loading times, and the usual bug fixes to enjoy.

You can get your hands on the new Kindle app free from the iOS App Store now.

– Anthony Carter

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