Amazon Will Pay Some Authors By Pages Read Instead Of Downloads

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Posted 2 years ago


Amazon Will Pay Some Authors By Pages Read Instead Of DownloadsThe online retail company Amazon’s recent decision to pay authors by the amount of pages of their books being read instead of downloads may contain a ripple effect throughout the publishing and tech industries down the line.

The new policy will go into effect next month.

Amazon’s previous method of paying authors who publish using their services was to set aside a pool of money and split it all up among these authors.

They used an algorithm to measure the number of “borrows”, or  downloads to aid in calculating exactly how much in royalties each author received.

The new system could be applied to those books and authors in the Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Online Lending Library programs, which between the two have over 800,000 titles.

There is, however, some speculation as to how this will affect both larger publishers and smaller book presses as well as self-published authors.

For its part, Amazon’s public commentary on the new policy states that this will directly affect those books that are in the Kindle Select program which is distributed through their Kindle Direct Publishing program.

The pay-per-page model will definitely bring up a pertinent question for writers who not only utilize Amazon but who have had to adapt their writing style and output to keep in line with the new demands.

Could this lead to a rise in shorter novels?

Could there be those looking to put one over on Amazon and customers?

Only time will tell.

Christopher A. Smith


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