Amazon’s WorkSpace For Desktops Arrives

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Posted 4 years ago


Amazon's WorkSpace For Desktops ArrivesOn Wednesday, Amazon Web Services officially entered the virtual desktop realm. Amazon Web Services will bring Amazon WorkSpaces to fruition from its cloud servers.

These WorkSpaces are Windows based.

9,000 strong turned out, running the gamut from developers to partners to customers. All of these people were on hand as Andy Jassy, senior VP at Re: Invent gave his keynote address.

VMware, Citrix and Microsoft have now been overtaken by Amazon, all guilty of being too slow in progressing in this key field of virtual desktops. Virtualization has been  confined to being a data center entity so far as a reduction in the complete actual server count and consolidation of the applications on servers serving as the main functions.

Underscoring the problem with desktop virtualization, is having to compete with all the myriad mobile devices running iOS and Android, which makes it a gamble.

The price for Amazon’s WorkSpace will be, monthly, from $35 dollars to $75 dollars. The top-tier WorkSpace will feature twice the CPU, storage and memory of its $35 dollar WorkSpace and come equipped with Microsoft Office 2010.

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