An App That’s Better Than The Pros At Detecting Skin Cancer?

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Posted 3 years ago


An App That's Better Than The Pros At Detecting Skin Cancer?An app equipped with a “dermascope attachment”, which is a special kind of magnifying lens, may be better than the professionals at detecting skin cancer.

With an 85 percent accuracy, what is being dubbed the DermoScan, could predict skin cancer as well as their human counterpart-specialists in the field who of course are called dermatologists. Your all-around PC, or Primary Care Physician/(general) medical doctor would be outwitted, though, by this very special healthcare app.

The University of Houston has come up with this smartphone app idea. Yet because of the tricky field of human health and, may I add, the blessing that has come of the news that the National Institutes of Health have come up with a substantial grant of over $400,000 the future is looking quite bright for this whole project to be a success.

The NIH know that they have to make sure that the software is up to scratch, and that the apparatus onboard is sufficient,  to screen for the deadly, skin eating bacteria known as Buruli ulcer. Buruli ulcer being an overriding concern, as it is so devastating.

2015 will make a decade that this skin cancer detecting app has been in the pipeline. And conceivably, 2014 could come and go without the project being completed and the app still not becoming available to the public.

There is no doubt that those special interest groups and individuals shouldn’t get their hopes riding sky high on this particular app either, as things are shaping up so that the purpose served will be a very specific one. One in which special, patient care and consideration, time and money have been applied. Because, ultimately it will be meant for the practical niche of helping under-developed regions of the world, or rural out of the way areas, where ample detection technology doesn’t exist, and/or specialists can’t be located with any ease, to deal with testing, treating, and diagnosing skin cancer.

– Rich Casale


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