Android Brightest Flashlight App Developer Burns Users

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Posted 4 years ago


Android Brightest Flashlight App Developer Burns Users The FTC has revealed that the developer of the Brightest Flashlight app has amassed sensitive information from millions upon millions of users from the Android database in a sneaky way.

The millions in possession of the Brightest Flashlight app have been duped by GoldenShores Technologies who have stolen their location and ID data.

Brightest Flashlight’s developer has steered, without permission from the its users, all this information into the hands of advertising networks.

Editorial On Smart Device User Responsibility:

This raises a larger issue where, as in this case, there is an opt-out clause but one that does not address the issue that when an account is closed that the damage may have already been done. The user information may have already been shared. It’s incumbent that the user reads the privacy notice and the terms of use/service to ascertain if their data is guaranteed to not be stored or shared. Additionally, that their personal account data –and/or — sign up/registration information is deleted within 30 days of discontinuance of use, or some such terms. Certainly a signed letter to the user’s physical address stating that this has been done by a higher-up would hit the spot, legally, but is very unlikely with the current climate that draws too thin a line between business and entertainment. Ultimately, the customer must be a wise and well thought-out consumer, aware and alert that we live in a world that is not guaranteed to be run/headed up by benevolent forces, necessarily. Why not employ the same due diligence that you do when dealing with your bank or your credit card account?

Bottom line: Buyer beware. Examine each icon that comes with your smartphone to see what’s what.

Rich Casale

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