Android Games Console GameStick Available to Pre-Order for $79

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Posted 4 years ago

Mobile gaming is great, and Android has brought us some great games for our smartphone and tablet devices. However, while it is brilliant using a touchscreen to play games, nothing quite replaces the feel of a physical control pad and the joy (and pain) of bashing away at buttons and analogue controls. To answer the prayers of gamers everywhere, a company by the name of PlayJam has introduced an Android console that aims to bring “affordable gaming to the big screen for just $79.”

Billed as the most portable TV games console ever created, the GameStick is a console that runs on Android operating system and plugs directly into your television. For $79 you get the GameStick – a tiny USB stick-like device with an HDMI connection – as well as a white Bluetooth Game Pad featuring the familiar dual-analogue controls, a D-pad, XYBA buttons, and R and L controls.

The GameStick originally began life as a Kickstarter project earlier this year and was tremendously successful – hitting its $100,000 target in just 30 hours and achieving a final figure of $647,658 at the beginning of February. Following another Android-based games console, Ouya, GameStick gives access to a wide range of specially adapted Android games running through the PlayJam menu, and the company says it is working with more than 250 developers to enhance the gaming catalogue before shipping starts in April.

The GameStick will first be made available to those that pledged money through Kickstarter, but PlayJam has begun taking pre-orders on this product and a number of peripherals on their Amazon hosted online store.

Other products available include the GameStick multi-functional dock, which can wirelessly charge the controller, add additional 64GB of storage and provide a wired internet connection, and a protective case. These items are priced at $24.99 and $9.99 respectively.

As someone who loves mobile and console gaming, I cannot wait to get my hands on a GameStick, and for just $79 it offers a much more cost-friendly gaming experience than tablets, smartphones and games consoles, a great selling point for family gamers and children.

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– Anthony Carter

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