Android Overtakes iOS in App Downloads

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Posted 4 years ago

Android Overtakes iOS in App DownloadsWith the mass adoption of Android globally, it was only ever going to be a matter of time before Google Play surpassed the App Store in downloads – and that is what happened in Q2 of this year.

Detailed in a new report by analytics firm App Annie, the Google Play Store was found to have had 10 per cent more downloads than the Apple App Store during the last quarter. The research carried out by the firm measured app downloads worldwide and revealed, as expected, games dominate the money market in both app stores, making up 80 per cent of all revenue on Google Play and 75 per cent of revenue in the Apple App Store, from around 40 per cent of downloads on each.

In terms of download volumes, it is the United States that top the table in both markets, ahead of China and Japan in iOS downloads, and South Korea and India in the Android league.

As noted by Know Your Mobile, other key findings in the report included:

  • the substantial growth of music and social networking apps helped drive IOS app store revenue

  • communications apps surged to number two behind games for Google Play downloads

  • the travel & local category climbed two spots to number five in the top categories by revenue for Google Play.

Google’s hardware has been outselling Apple for some time but despite this developers have remained loyal to Cupertino, believing that iOS represents the best platform in terms of turning a profit from apps. That belief has proven true as App Annie’s research revealed the App Store to have generated 2.3 times more revenue than Google Play, with revenue of an estimated $2.1 billion compared to $931 million for Android.

So, while Google can celebrate the fact that they now are now top dog in both the hardware and the apps markets, Apple can sit quietly smug in the knowledge that its platform is where the money is, and will always attract the best developers first as a result.

– Anthony Carter

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