Android Pay Set To Take On Apple Pay

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Posted 2 years ago


GooglelogoGoogle’s persistent push to be a player in the mobile payments industry looks to bear fruit very soon.

The company is set to release Android Pay, their own answer to Apple Pay which was released last year.

The news came at Google’s I/O conference on Thursday.

Reports have the official release of the app set for later on in the year.

The application will work in conjunction with the Web company’s previous payment service, Google Wallet, which will see its focus shifted towards peer-to-peer payments.

Android Pay will essentially make a user’s smartphone into a mobile wallet.

Distinct features such as a ‘hands free’ mode where all one has to do is move close to a payment station and the built-in sensors will have the terminal display the payments being processed without having to take the phone out of your pocket.

The app will work with close to 700,000 payment terminals and 1,000 sites; McDonald’s and Papa Johns Pizza are now beta testing the app in specific locations, and the on-demand car service Lyft was named as one of the app examples.

In addition, Android Pay will also be able to allow those customers to use loyalty programs and coupons within the app.

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