Angry Birds Website Defaced By Angry Hackers

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Posted 3 years ago


Angry Birds Website Defaced By Angry HackersRovio’s Angry Birds website was hacked and defaced, an image was uploaded to the site with the NSA logo added to an Angry Bird’s head, and the caption “Spying Birds” at the bottom of the image, as reported today by the BBC.

Seems like an “Angry” response to the news that the NSA and British intelligenceNSA have spied on users of the Angry Birds app, as well as other apps.

“The defacement was caught in minutes and corrected immediately,” said Rovio marketing manager Saara Bergstrom.

It is unknown who is responsible for this hostile act, however, one thing is obvious — they’re not happy about the NSA and British intelligence snooping activities.


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