Another Search Giant, Another Driverless Car – This One’s From Baidu

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Posted 2 years ago


Baidu Abandons Japanese Search MarketThere looks to be another online web company that will enter the budding world of driverless cars, and it will be a slightly surprising entry at that.

Baidu, the Internet search giant from China, made the announcement that it will produce its own autonomous car at the recent China Cloud Computing Conference.

Senior vice president Jin Wang said that Baidu will work with a auto manufacturer to be named later.

The car is expected to make its official debut in the second half of this year.

Baidu had made remarks that it would go down this path, and has worked with BMW on semi-autonomous vehicle technology in the past.

The chief of the company’s deep learning laboratory, Kai Yu, has also stated that the company doesn’t concur with Google’s autonomous car vision and would craft a design that would give the driver more freedom in the car but retain the normal pedals.

This new information will no doubt ramp up the quest by Google to have their own driverless vehicle approved for the public once it gets through extensive testing.

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