Antitrust Regulators In New York And Connecticut Eyeing Apple Music

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Posted 2 years ago


Los Angeles School District To Apple: Give Us Our Money Back!Apple is once again dealing with major scrutiny, this time from two state governments in the Northeast United States.

The attorneys general for New York and Connecticut raised some questions to Apple in the wake of their recent announcement of Apple Music.

Specifically, they wanted to know the nature of the deals the Cupertino, California based company made with record labels like Universal Music Group, for example.

Matt Mittenthal, a spokesperson for New York’s attorney general Eric Schneiderman, explained that his state, along with Connecticut, wanted to know if the labels and companies were pressured into making these deals at the exclusion of benefits of competitive pricing.

He went on to say: “To preserve these benefits, it’s important to ensure that the market continues to develop free from collusion and other anticompetitive practices.”

The probe by both states also comes at a sketchy time for Apple; the Federal Trade Commission has begun to investigate if Apple is using its lofty position to gain an edge on other streaming music services like Spotify.

At last report, Apple had no comment on the matter.

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