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Posted 4 years ago


App Ops Brings Back Access to – App OpsOne of the great things about Android Jelly Bean is App Ops, a built in feature that gives you full control over how each app works and lets you have the final say over whether an app from the Google Play Store is allowed to track your location, wake up your device or access your camera. You’ll struggle to find any Android user that does not like what App Ops is about, except, it seems, Google.

In the latest version of the Android OS, 4.4 KitKat, access to App Ops is no longer available. Why on earth would Google remove such a valuable tool? Well, it turns out it hasn’t got rid of App Ops, it has just hidden it where none of us can find it. Worry not, though. According to Android Authority, a new app has landed in the Play Store to put the power of micromanaging back into our hands.

App Ops might not have the most original of names but it brings back that hidden feature we all love. Working around Google’s permission system (those messages that pop up when you install apps), App Ops lets you manage developer permissions so that you can set up apps to run exactly how you want them to.

The app, developed by Color Tiger, comes in free and pro versions. The former will provide pretty much everything you need in terms of configuring settings, while the latter offers a handful of advanced features such as notifications of revoked permissions, automatic permission revoking for newly installed apps, and the granting or revoking of specific permissions for certain features within apps.

The pro version is available as an in-app purchase; however, you will need root access to your device to use it.

App Ops is currently available to download from the Google Play Store and is compatible with devices running Android 4.3 and above.

– Anthony Carter


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