APP REVIEW: Dashlane 2.0 for iPhone

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Posted 5 years ago

In case you like auto filling your way on the Internet, and you worry about hackers cracking your passwords, this is an app for you.

Dashlane 2.0 for iPhone achieves the balance between laziness and security. This is a relatively new app and will sync with your desktop password manager to allow you to access the securely stored passwords along with other personal and confidential info, such as credit card details or social security numbers.

When you fill an online form using the built in browser, Dashlane will auto-fill the stored information. You are just required to remember the master password for accessing the details. In terms of usability and features, Dashlane 2.0 is well beyond the 800 pound monster LastPass Premium for iPhone. Both of these apps come with built-in browsers which support auto filling, however, Dashlane is far more responsive and intuitive.

You can also manage your account in the latest version from within the app. As a result this could be a single point solution for you and you may be likely to stick with it. Although Dashlane comes in various accounts, the premium one is more usable. Only this account allows you to sync multiple devices and use the built-in browser. You can pay monthly or yearly.

In case you are new to this iPhone app, you will be up and running within 5 minutes.

Dashlane 2.0 allows you to manage the entire account from within the app. Whether you are adding logins, generating strong passwords, or editing stored info, you can manage everything through the mobile browser. In the beginning, enter the most frequented sites and their login information with a separate entry for each site. All of these entries can be grouped in folders and labeled as needed. When Dashlane detects some form needing credit card details, it will extract the info from servers and auto fill the entries.

The Dashlane browser is similar to that of Safari and is equally fast; definitely faster than LastPass’s browser.

Although Dashlane 2.0 for iPhone lacks the killer features found in its desktop application like integration with other browsers and auto-filling for native apps, it is still quite useful for secure storage and auto filling when using the built-in browser.

– Chirag Naiknavare

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