APP REVIEW: MiniBooks for FreshBooks

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Posted 5 years ago

MiniBooks is a popular iPhone app used for FreshBooks and it makes invoicing really easy from your iPhone. You can manage clients, enter payments, send invoices, check on past job rates and run timers etc. from your iPhone. This third party app has been developed for iPhone by Groovy Squared and it integrates with the standard invoicing tool FreshBooks available on the internet. Everyone who is a FreshBooks user was extremely keen to use this app when it was released earlier. FreshBooks also has its official iPhone app but it allows very basic timer features only, and doesn’t offer integration with actual invoicing. MiniBooks provides an attractive interface for viewing the invoices, creating new ones, sending estimates, adding clients, and tracking time from the iPhone. Everything is in the pipeline with FreshBooks in either direction and that makes it a pleasure to work with.


The various features available on the MiniBooks include search results, creating, editing and sending invoices, contacting clients via this app, creating and editing clients, previewing the invoice in a template, searching using invoice status or number, creating and editing payments etc. Apart from these, you can also find features such as creating, editing and sending estimates to the client, converting estimates into invoices, starting a timer using a single tap, running multiple timers at the same time. These timers continue to run even after you have exited the app.


In case you have the iPhone with a FreshBooks account, MiniBooks cannot be recommended highly enough. You can manage invoicing from around in the world. Whether you want to check the invoice status from a train or wish to create an invoice from a restaurant, you will find FreshBooks becoming a real pleasure to use. There are some apps which are intuitive and extremely useful and MiniBooks is one of them. You can download a “Lite” version on the app to try out the various features. It is also extremely convenient to use, because even if you don’t have a network connection, due to full synchronization with the FreshBooks account, the app provides access to your data. The only con could be that it needs you to have a FreshBooks account.

– Chirag Naiknavare

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