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Posted 5 years ago

Tech Pet is created by Bandai, the company that brought us Tamagotchi which was a handheld digital pet and sparked a great deal stir when it was marketed first in 1996. Children fought over whom best could care for the virtual animal. Tech Pet comes with a similar format, and here there is a dog that needs your looking after. The greater degree of attention you place on the animal, the happier it becomes, and you can unlock more options as a result. For example, you begin by feeding it the basic dog bone, however, after the unlocking of various levels, the food alternatives become more elaborate. You may even check the health of your pet, medicate it, and hand over some toys to it.

The actual app-based toy is priced at $96.99, and works with an iPod and/or iPhone. The toy is powered by an iTunes app and the basic functionality works with the app only. For full enjoyment however you need to purchase the actual toy. Here the dog can play tricks which are triggered by image and voice recognition. It can wag its tail, walk, bark, and dance along to the songs. Another feature the children are likely to love is its Face Morph option, where you can add your own photo on the screen and then animate it so that the eyes blink and the mouth moves. If you have more than a single toy you can play with each other by using Bluetooth.

There is a happiness meter which indicates to the children competing about who loves their pet the most. The Tech pet doesn’t die because that was one aspect of Tamagotchi that was complained about the most. Although Bandai has recommended that the Tech Pet toy is suitable for children above 12 years of age, this really isn’t an app for teenagers. It is more suitable for younger children who are adept at using the iPhone at a young age. Basically, it is a fun idea and has become extremely popular in Japan.

– Chirag Naiknavare


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