APP REVIEW: YourMathGuru Helps Solve All of Your Number Problems

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Posted 4 years ago

APP REVIEW: YourMathGuru Helps Solve All of Your Number ProblemsWe’ve all been there, sitting and studying for an exam or attempting to solve a prize winning puzzle in a magazine when POOF!, suddenly, everything you ever knew about the subject of Math has completely deserted you. The proposition that is presented by numbers printed on a piece of paper has taken your brain by surprise and now you have no way of figuring out the answer.

What do you do? You could use the calculator on your iPhone, but where do you even start? No, what you really need here is a pro – a kind of Math guru that will not just point you in the right direction, but will flat out solve your problem. What you need is YourMathGuru.

Released in the iTunes App Store on 1 April, YourMathGuru is a new app from the guys behind the popular desktop platform of the same name, and aims to provide you with all the Math help you need on virtually any kind of category.

Optimized for both iPhone and iPad, the app gives you access to a wide community of knowledgeable mathematicians known as MathGurus, who are “on call” to provide with answers to all of your equations.

The interface of the app is simple and easy to use and once signed in you are met with three options: ‘Get Math Help Now,’ ‘Search Knowledge Base,’ and ‘Become a Math Guru.’

In the Knowledge Base, you can search through a vast range of some of the frequently asked Math questions, answers and formulas in categories including algebra, analytic geometry, calculus, combinatorics, complex variables, probability, and trigonometry. There is no guarantee of finding the answer you are looking for here, of course, and YourMathGuru knows this. Therefore, there is the handy “Call Guru” button, which puts you through to an expert in your required field who will provide with all the help you need, chewing up your numbers and spitting them back at you in the form of the perfect answer.

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a Math genius, YourMathGuru may seem of little use; however, by downloading the app, you can pass on some of your knowledge and expertise to others. Select the ‘Become a Math Guru’ option and take your place within the community of professionals, ready to help people in need.

We all need Math help at some point, and with YourMathGuru by your side at all times, you never have to fear numbers again!

YourMathGuru is free to download from iTunes now.

– Anthony Carter

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