App Translation Service Launches for Android Developers

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Posted 4 years ago


App Translation Service Launches for Android DevelopersBack in May at its annual I/O conference, Google showcased a brand new app translation service that was designed to allow developer’s access to professional translators who would be able to translate an app into as many different languages as required. Six months on and the company has announced that service is now available to all developers.

Google says that the App Translation Service was a big hit with the selected devs that participated in the early pilot program and the positive feedback has led the company to give developers both large and small the opportunity to take advantage of the service.

All of the app translators that are available to hire are pre-qualified by Google and offer a professional service at what Google says are “competitive prices.” The service has also been tied into the Google Play Developer Console, making it much easier for developers to upload strings and import completed translations.

The advantages of this service to app developers are obvious – a chance to launch apps in different languages, reach wider audiences and ultimately generate more revenue.

Of course, some languages are not going to be as lucrative as others are, but if you are struggling to decide which language is right for your app, Google Play can help you identify opportunities.

“First, review the Statistics section in the Developer Console to see where your app has users already,” wrote Google Play’s Ellie Powers in a post on the Android Developers blog.

“Does your app have a lot of installs in a certain country where you haven’t localized to their language? Are apps like yours popular in a country where your app is not yet available? Next, go to the Optimization Tips section in the Developer Console to make sure your APK, store listing, and graphics are consistently translated.”

Costs of your localization project will depend on the amount of work required; however, for small apps, Google estimates that translation will cost you around $75, with larger apps costing around double that figure.

To find out more about the App Translation Service, head on over to the Android Developer pages and check out Google’s updated documentation.

– Anthony Carter


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