Apple Designer Jony Ive Promoted

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Posted 2 years ago


Apple 1 Computer Sold For $365,000 At AuctionThe rise of Jony Ive continues thanks to a new internal move at Apple that will ensure his impact on the company for years to come.

The tech product designer, whose approach is steeped in minimalist philosophy, will become the company’s new chief design officer.

The brand new position will see Ive focus on the continuation of current design products and to bring forth new ideas and concepts, according to a statement released by Apple confirming the news.

The British-born designer was a close collaborator with the late founder Steve Jobs, and his distinct design sense helped Apple totally rejuvenate its image across the board.

Day-to-day managerial duties will be carried out by Alan Dye who will oversee user interfaces, and Richard Howath, who will take care of industrial design.

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