Apple Hails App Developers With Great New Microsite

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Posted 3 years ago


Apple Hails App Developers With Great New Microsite“Designing Great Apps” is thoroughly geared for iOS 7 developers.

The location set up by Apple, has on hand, a collection of documents, whitepapers, and videos, specifically for iOS 7 developers.

Apple is giving app makers food for thought on thinking out of the box, utilizing the UI of their creation so as not just to be a simple iOS 7 visual re-do, but something brand new and exciting.

Tutorials and videos that explain things clearly are included on the microsite, culled from the iOS 7 Tech Talks series. The series was posted by Apple back in December of 2013. Key documents and remnants of the Worldwide Developers Conference/WWDC are also there, with the hope of flaring creative mindsets to greater glory.

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