Apple iPhone 6 Screen Size To Be Close To 5 Inches?

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Posted 4 years ago

Apple iPhone 6 Screen Size To Be Close To 5 Inches?After a meeting recently with an Apple supplier, Cantor Fitzgerald analyst Brian White has expressed confidence in saying that the screen size of the iPhone 6 will approach 5 inches, up an inch from what’s currently available with the iPhone5 – (as reported by Boy Genius Report). Reports have varied in screen size approximations for the iPhone 6 from 4.7 inches up to 5.7 and even 6 inches.  Being as large as Android phones can be themselves with is fueling the speculations as Apple has lost a large chunk of market share to the Android world.

Apple is will keep it under 5 inches, as that conservativeness of theirs is attractive to those who don’t want their phones to resemble today’s over-sized watches and baseball caps.

Rich Casale

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