Apple Needs Success With iPhone 5 Launch

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Posted 5 years ago

There is one topic that is dominating the mobile tech world this week, and that is the Apple iPhone 5. September 12th, 2012 has long been the rumored date for the unveiling of the successor to the iPhone 4S and that date has proven to be spot on. As always, Apple has been unforthcoming about what is in store at Wednesday’s media event in San Francisco but has hinted keenly that the world will see the latest iPhone for the first time.

If September 12th is the date that it is unveiled, then the market launch date of September 21st should also be pretty accurate. If so, this will mean that the iPhone 5 goes on sale just nine days before the end of the fiscal fourth quarter, and will need to sell big to make up for the poor sales figures posted by the iPhone in the last quarter.

Rumors of the new iPhone led to a drop in Q3 sales of current iPhone models, and while many of these customers are likely to be holding out for the new model rather than purchasing a rival handset, Apple has still fallen short of Wall Street estimates.

Nine News Finance has reported that Apple analyst Gene Munster with Piper Jaffray has come up with fourth-quarter iPhone sales between 26 and 28 million, based on the iPhone 5 being released on September 21st. The story says that Munster’s figures suggest the new iPhone will sell anywhere between 6 and 10 million units in one week!

Last year’s iPhone 4S posted first week sales of 4 million compared to 1.7 million iPhone 4 sales from 2010, so a big jump is not out of the question. The difference this year is the market that the iPhone 5 is entering into.

When launched in October of last year, the iPhone 4S was pretty much unrivaled in the market. This year is much different. Samsung has surpassed Apple with the Galaxy S3 and Nokia and Motorola have both announced new phones backed by billions of dollars in marketing. The Galaxy S3 outselling the iPhone 4S has proven that Apple no longer has its own way when it comes to topping the market. With the smartphone competition much tougher, there is a chance that Apple will not meet analyst expectations once again this quarter; however, if anyone can handle expectations it is definitely Apple.

– Anthony Carter

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