Apple Offering Up To $345 To Recycle Your iPhone 4S: Another Sign That a New iPhone is On Its Way?

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Posted 5 years ago

Pretty much everyone in the tech world is expecting Apple to announce the release of a new iPhone before the end of the year, but as ever, Apple themselves are staying tight-lipped about the whole thing.

Rumors of specs and leaked photos are finding their way onto websites by the day, but there is very little concrete evidence to go on.

One of the clearest indications yet that the iPhone 5 is being prepared is the announcement that Apple are now offering users the opportunity to recycle their iPhone 4S devices.

The Reuse and Recycle page on Apple’s store website is offering up to $345 by means of an Apple Gift Card for your old device. 345 dollars is the highest maximum offer and will be paid for devices that are in above average condition with no scratches, scuff marks, cracks, or water damage. The Apple Gift card given in return can be used to spend on any other Apple product; i.e. the new iPhone.

Last year Apple began offering $200 for 16GB iPhone 4 models, shortly after the announcement of the iPhone 4S, and with the wide reporting of an Apple event scheduled for 12 September this year (2012), it seems as though the pieces maybe falling into place. Previous iPhone prices have been for around $500-$700 on prepaid and $200 on a two-year contract, and we should expect the iPhone 5 to be in a similar ball park. $345 for your iPhone 4S would certainly go a long way towards paying for your new device.

Apple says that phones in good working order that are traded-in will be resold as used or reconditioned for sale. Phones that are in a state of disrepair will be broken down and recycled responsibly.

Anthony Carter

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